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Tea Lovers: Black (Red) Tea Chinese Hong Cha

This is an event for anyone with a passion for tea, tea tasting and tea culture.

Are you a tea-enthusiast? A tea-nerd or tea-geek?
Or maybe you’re just a tea-curious, well, than join us!
If you are an expert or just somebody that has something to share,
get in touch, …


This is the time to get comfortable, wrapped in the velvety scents of the fruity chocolate aroma of our Chinese black tea! Black?… ehm Red… ok…Hong Cha!
I am not stuttering, but here there is a bit confusion with nomenclature and so on, don’t worry everything will be clearer if you join to event!

We will have some delicious teas different in taste, shape and origin; as always nice people with the same passion to share our ideas, stories and doubts about our beloved leaves… and of course time for random chats!

We like to be nerdy and going deep into the matter, but don’t be scared there is always time for socialization, random chats, discussions and even to buy tea if you will!

We’re looking forward to meeting you again – or for the first time!
Francesco & Pier Paolo

*15€ – symbolic fee to cover tea and location expenses

Mittwoch, 23. November 2022

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